Naming the Mystery

“The question sometimes arises as to whether the experience of mystery and transcendence is more available to those who have undergone some kind of religious and spiritual training, for whom, as I have said, it has all been named completely. It may be less available to them precisely because they have got it all named in the book. One way to deprive yourself of an experience is indeed to expect it. Another is to have a name for it before you have the experience. Carl Jung said that one of the functions of religion is to protect us against the religious experience. That is because in formal religion, it is all concretized and formulated. But, by its nature, such an experience is one that only you can have. As soon as you classify it with anybody else’s, it loses its character. Ornate and detailed religions protect us against an exploding mystical experience which would be too much for us.”

— Joseph Campbell, from Thou Art That: Transforming Religious Metaphor.


December 10 2011 01:29 pm | spirit and symbols

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